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Sky Beach Club . Eleuthera, The Bahamas

Discover and explore Eleuthera’s finest and most secluded resort, extending 22-acres with views of the Atlantic on one side and the Caribbean on the other with 360 degrees of both at the top.  The Sky Beach Club is a Bahamas resort that caters to your every need, the perfect place to reconnect with yourself, spend quality time with your partner, and bring families together.

The Sky Beach Club is a dream-like location for weddings, with a spectacular deserted beach lapped by gin-clear water.  Sky Beach Club offers a respite from the hassles and stresses from everyday life and instead envelops you in a serene seaside escape.

Sky Beach Club’s gated resort features ultra-modern architecture, custom furnishings, and a secluded pink sand beach.  The sunrises and sunsets are inspiring and easy to enjoy while relaxing in our infinity-edge beachfront pool with swim-up cocktail bar.

We warmly invite you to learn more about our rooms, offers, and to explore the wide array of services and amenities that are offered by our warm and friendly staff.   Whatever your pleasures, Sky Beach Club offers the finest in modern accommodations with the standard service and luxury you deserve.

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The Sky Beach Club has 22-acres with views of the Atlantic on one side and the Caribbean on the other with 360 degrees of both at the top, as well as an irreplaceable pink sandy beach for your enjoyment.  The sunrises and sunsets are ‘out of this world’, not to mention the infinity-edged beachfront pool with swim-up cocktail bar.

If you’re looking for action, enjoy the luxury of satellite TV and FREE WiFi anywhere on the resort.

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5 Star Elegance at a 3rd World Price

Eleuthera is an island in the Bahamas, lying 50 miles east of Nassau.  It is very long and thin- 110 miles long and in places a little more than a mile wide.  According to the 2000 Census, the population of Eleuthera is approximately 8,000.

The topography of the island varies from wide rolling pink sand beaches to large outcrops of ancient coral reefs.

The island was believed to have been unoccupied until the first European settlers- puritan pilgrims- arrived in 1648 from Bermuda.  These settlers, known as the “Eleutherian Adventurers”, gave the island its current name- eleutheria means “freedom” in Greek, while eleuthera means “free”.  Some people think that Christopher Columbus may have come to Eleuthera before visiting islands in the West Indies.

Recently, many persons of Eleuthera descent have been very successful in the fields of education, construction, medicine, and business.  With this, many locals have taken it upon themselves to keep the island prosperous and to provide a top-notch experience for tourists and residents.  Additionally, second homeowners provide opportunities for caretakers, domestic help, and home repair and maintenance jobs- not to mention providing a ready market for local restaurants and services.  Promises of prosperity…


If ever there was a Perfect Getaway..... this is it.

If there ever was a perfect getaway… this is it.

Eleuthera features breathtaking beaches, rolling green hills, quaint villages, rugged cliffs, and red soil (good for growing pineapples), and caves.  Eleuthera has a number of advantages; it is within close proximity to the capital Nassau, easily reachable from North America, and is large enough to offer a variety of elegance for visitors.

Pristine waters sparkle as far as the eye can see from our amazing oceanfront amenity area.  Comfortably relax in one of our poolside cabanas and enjoy a light lunch – or swim over to the pool bar and have them throw another local pineapple in your favorite drink!


This 3rd world country offers 5 star elegance on another level.  The sound of the ocean, the freeness in the air, and the opportunity for complete relaxation awaits you.  Please click here to capture this remarkable experience…. NEAR HEAVEN EXPERIENCE